Osariemen EHIEMUA, Is the founder of The New MindSet Of Africa Initiative. He is originally from Ekpoma, Edo state, Nigeria. He's fully convince that his Antidote will transform, and help cure the minds of Africans from their unconscious and conformed ways! "Our gifts and purposes" can never be learn, it can only be refined on earth. He is base In Europe and Africa. Contact Info: +352 661 800 820 / +352 621 579220 Email: / / Instagram: mindsetehiemua / thenewfaceofafrica Website: Thanks for letting us do this! ~TNFOA


INFO CENTRE 08-10-2022 Title: OBSESS Our ulterior mobile should be scouting for more productive and conscious minds towards the improvement of our communities all over World as Mindsetters. 🤝🏿 Administrator