“The New mindset of Africa” is an African humanitarian organisation that aims at providing various communication platforms and forums for African thought leaders to contribute to positioning the minds of Africans in key areas that will lead to the┬ánew face of Africa developments

Youth Development

The key to a greater future lies in the minds of our youths. We take time to educate and prepare them for the task ahead


Family is the first institution we are introduced to. If we can get it right in our homes, we’ll get it right as a nation and, consequently, as a continent.

Domestic Matters

We address matters that concern the home: delicate issues that are usually overlooked, but have grave effects in our homes.

african culture

As much as we seek to educate our people, we do not desire to take away our core culture as Africans. If we lose track of what makes us who we are, we have lost in life.

leadership development

Leaders aren’t just those at the helm of affairs. They are individuals who ensure the success of those subject to them. A lot of African leaders are proof that this mentality is lacking in our system.

motivation lectures

We organize lectures that spur our listeners on, giving them enough courage to take on their dreams and go the extra mile.

POSITIONING THE minds of africans

“The New mindset of Africa” organise seminars, events, lectures and conferences all over Africa aimed at positioning the minds of Africans toward furthering Africa’s development. We currently publish articles written by African Thought leaders on our Blog section.