INFO CENTRE 09-11-2022


The sincerity of a husband is known during the sickness of his wife.
That of a wife is known during the financial difficulty of the husband.
True love of children is known during the old age of their parents.
The true nature of siblings is known during distribution of inheritance.
The sincerity of friends is known during hard times.
The true relatives are known when one is far from his country, lonely or sick.
True love is known when there is no means of benefit & a true believer is known during times of hardship.

In all, life is the teacher itself*. May we grow in wisdom, understanding and patience.

Be careful so you don’t hate a lovely person, because of a dirty rumour you heard about them which was created out of jealousy and envy

Try to appreciate those who gossip about you. It’s not easy for someone to leave their problems and carry yours on their head.

Forgive betrayals but be careful with them, because next time they may not spare your life.

Even if you kill yourself for some people, they will still complain that you didn’t die in a proper way. Do your best and leave the rest, you can’t satisfy human being .

If you are always worried about what others are saying about you, you will never be happy.

When your blessings are getting closer, your attacks become greater. Don’t look at the storm, God is the controller of all things he created, and is by your side, you’re a victor.

Everybody cannot love you, don’t lose your peace over those who hate you. Those who convinced people to hate you cannot convince God to hate you.

Stay connected to God always. Have confidence in God for with God all things are possible. 🙏🏿



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