INFO CENTRE 19-05-2022

Can We Believe What We Don’t Know?

You can believe in whatever you want. But what are these beliefs based on? Are they based off what others have told you or based off of what you have seen or experienced. You should always investigate things on your own and not strictly rely on what you are told.

In fact there are many things that are taught in school that are not actually true. I have studied many different things over the years. When you dig into things thoroughly you will find many accepted “facts” that contradict each other. The biggest problem now is schools no longer teach people how to think, they teach them what to think.

We are told lies our whole lives. The lies have been told for so long that they have become accepted as fact. But most people are too lazy to search for the truth on their own. Why do you think we have so many things to keep us distracted with? Society has been set up to get few rich and keep them in power while the rest of us have to slave away to survive. We are all slaves but we are given the illusion that we have freedom. Everyone just accepts it and does not question it

But if you spend the time doing your own research you will find the truth. Only you can set you free.

So you can believe whatever you want but I would want to know as much as I can about what I am believing in.

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