Change To Your Own Somebodiness

These changes are the opening process of your gradual transition into “grownup,” and it’s the perfect time to define who you are, how you think and how you choose to face the world. Since COVID-19 is alive and serious. Is it a lot? Yes. But this insight can help you sort things out and come out the other side shining. The journal format gives away the plot; Future Alert: the Brilliant Man is you. No matter how you feel, no matter what’s happening in your head right now, you are not broken. You are a unique collection of talents and ideas and wants and surprises, and you have an entire lifetime ahead of you — aren’t you curious to discover just how awesome life can be? This mindset takes you inside your own head, out into the world and everywhere your dreams may take you. Learn how to make the kinds of choices that make you feel alive happiness: relationships, commitments. Get a handle on today, tomorrow and what comes next Bounce back from the tough stuff, and discover the twelve words that will rewrite your destination. There’s a lot to learn, but one lesson is clear: never be afraid to shine. Stand up, stand out and be spectacular — whatever that means to you. Mindset of a Brilliant somebodiness gives you the map and compass so you can start your own journey today. Good morning everyone #MINDSET 🦁

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